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Financial Services

Shareholder Value Analysis & Optimization

Accomplish a sustainable business model transformation. Use the advantages of the digitalization to understand your business better, question status quo constantly. Extend customer relationship by adding additional value in relation of contract duration and increase recurring revenues.

Merge and Acquisition (M&A) Consulting
Offering a profounded and objective due dilligence of business models, sustainability, market analysis and G&A functions.


Business Excellence

 Process Optimization
Combining the top-down and bottom-up approach. Use best practices of optimizations and tools of process mining and analytics. Built a robust business model, make your decisions based on well-defined KPIs, use “instrument flying” while becoming more and more innovative.       Ambidexterity is key!

Sales and Marketing Operations

Validate your processes. Find more effective ways of approaching the market, organizing your teams and forecasting your business with integrated models which will support ongoing improvement of processes.


Information Technology


Due Diligence including a complete market readiness analysis of your product portfolio. Find individual potentials for partnering as well as research & development.

IT-Outsourcing: Projects & Prototyping
be agile – if you fail, Fail Fast!    Working together with long term valued, national and international partners to build a MVP in very short time, test your assumptions against the market and discover new growth potentials.